‘If You Give Your Girlfriend More Than You Give Your Wife, God Will Punish You’ – John Dumelo


John Dumelo is a Ghanaian actor who is known to set hearts racing amongst the Ghanaian and even  the Nigerian female population.

The handsome actor on Tuesday, February 14, took to his Facebook page to share five Valentine’s day tip on how men should specially treat their women.

He wrote:

‘5 Val’s day tip for men…..
1. Give her attention, she loves it
2. Listen to her even if you are not in the mood. She will eventually fall asleep.
3. Don’t tell her she’s become fat…tell her you both need to start gyming. (That’s a much much better way of saying she’s put on weight)
4. When women get angry, they will insult even your ancestors, my brother, take it in good faith.
5. Even if she’s not the only one, treat her with respect. Don’t give your girlfriend $1000 and your wife $200. God will punish you.
Happy Val’s day



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